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Welcome to the ArchPwn Wiki,
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2.0RC1 is out! Please download and test it!

Release News

After a year of hard work, we've released the first release candidate of 2.0 cycle. For this release, we've decided to provide only a single CD image for testing purposes. See the blog post for more information about the new additions or check out the PackageList/2.0RC1 page to get a full list of new packages present in this release. A list of mirror server is available under the Download section.

We are proud to announce the availability of ArchPwn v1.0.

There's a unique version that fits on DVD and USB sticks. See also Installation section for reference.

Please see the Download for downloads and give a look to PackageList/1.0 for a list of available software in this release.

General News

Starting from this commit our scripts used to build ArchPwn are used also for the Archiso-Live project by godane aka Christopher Rogers.

Mirror News

Thanks to Mike Staszel from Firefly Linux and his generously we have a second official mirror for ArchPwn.
The mirror it's accessible from

Also GARR provides us a mirror for downloads. Thanks! It's avaiable from HTTP or FTP

Thanks to ibiblio team that has created a mirror for this project. Available from HTTP or FTP.

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